Polaroids: Denitia and Sene @ Love the Captive House Show

SLR680 + "600 Speed" Impossible Film
Shot Thursday, March 20th 2014 at Love, The Captive

Polaroids: Visiting Raizana Teas in Downtown Fresno

Last week I visited Raizana Teas in Downtown Fresno. They let me try out and some amazing blends and just kick back with some friend's while I watched them bag some of their product. I HIGHLY recommend heading down to 2011 Tuolumme St. Fresno, California 93721 to check them out and get your tea on.

SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project

Polaroidsbook 447.jpg
Polaroidsbook 445.jpg
Polaroidsbook 446.jpg

Polaroids: A House Show /w Love the Captive 10/3/13

Last Thursday Oct 3rd I attended Fresno's monthly event, Art Hop. I spent most of my evening with Love The Captive at 1830 Van Ness taking some pictures of some really great bands: Actess, Dirty Limbs, and Light Thieves. Those photos will follow soon but I took some polaroids while I was there and really wanted to share them with you. These are of the band Actress, you should go listen to them, Here.

Test Shots /w Polaroid Land Camera 220 + Expired Polaroid 669 Packfilm

    Today I converted a Polaroid Land Camera 220 to AAA batteries and wanted to take some test shots to get used to the camera. I had some expired (August 2000) Polaroid 669 Packfilm laying around so I decided to give it a shot. I shot both of these images with the ISO set to 75 and because the film is 100 ISO I moved the dark/light wheel two notches to lighten to compensate. I let each of these images develop for 80 seconds in approximately 78 Degrees F. Overall I am very pleased with the results, the cyan is gorgeous and I can't wait to get my hands on more.