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Searching for Stillness: Online Book Reviews

   Over the last couple of months I have received some amazing support from the online photo community for my first photobook Searching for Stillness Vol. 1. Below you will find excerpts from the reviews with link's to check them out in full. After reading the reviews in full please check out the rest of their website for other amazingly great content on photographs from around the world.

JapanCameraHunter is ran by Mr. Bellamy Hunt. He sources quality cameras and other photographic equipment from Japan to customers around the world. He also posts articles related to film cameras, photozines, and runs a very popular column called, "In Your Bag".
    The short but sweet review can be found: here. He kindly stated, "This is a lovely little personal book of images, sharing the stillness of the big country, interspersed with the hectic nature of humanity. A lovely story."

ToneLit Magazine is an independently run online photography magazine based in the U.K. working with images, articles, essays, reviews and photobooks. They feature upcoming and established artists and writers from around the world. Today, 02/01/14, is actually their first birthday, they submitted their first call for entries on 02/01/2013.
     Their kind review of my book can be found: here. Excerpt: "The tactile size of the book itself seeks to add to this with the various marks, blemishes and reactions of the Polaroid process creating wonderful dialogues with the subjects in the images."

WeAreDrifters is a platform for young, emerging photographers. They aim to promote, inspire and stimulate young artists and believe that everyone who is passionate about what they do – whether professional or (maybe even more so) not – should receive some recognition for his or her work. They feature interviews, collections of photographic work, and photobook reviews.
    The review can be found: here. My favorite excerpt from all the reviews came from this website. They describe my polaroids as such: "The photographs – a combination of landscapes and portraits – picture the infinite American west, all in beautiful subdued tones, making the result very dreamy and timeless."


PhotoBook: Searching for Stillness Vol 1

Searching for Stillness is an ongoing polaroid documentary project focused on preserving the moments we wish we never let go of.  Volume one contains 50 full color polaroid images shot over the last three years on travels up and down California.

-5.25" x 8.25"
-56 pages
-Limited set of 50
-Signed and Numbered

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