Polaroids: Sequoia National Park

Last week I visited Sequoia National Park and snapped a couple photos with IP's "600 Speed" film. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, there is a slight green tint to this new version of their film. I really love the tint and it really benefited me while I was in the forest above Central California. Here are two shots from the "Congress Trail".

SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project

Project Update:  I have not been posting much on my blog the last two weeks as I am working on getting caught up on scanning polaroids for my next book project, "I Was a Pioneer". A book full of polaroids from when I was an "Impossible Project Pioneer", testing the first versions of their film.

Polaroids: Lake Tahoe /w New "600 Speed" Film by IP

I had the chance to order some of The Impossible Project's new film for my trip to Lake Tahoe last week. The first thing I noticed when I received them was the beautiful new branding, the film packs simply look great! And if that wasn't enough, the new formula is incredibly predictable. If you have been too scared to dive into instant film, this film is your chance!

All images were taken 10/19/13 in the Tahoe National Forest.
SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project