First Shot! /w Khan Shadid

     Over the last couple of months I have grown tired of slow shutter speeds and blurry(ish) pictures in evening light with my Sx70 + Px70 combo. It was hard to commit to buying film continuously when I knew my multiple unserviced Polaroid cameras weren't giving me what I needed. So I took the plunge and bought an Impossible Project refurbished Polaroid 680slr Camera. This camera is extremely similar to the Polaroid Sx70 in almost every way except for two things. First, it has an automatic flash that can be turned on and off with ease which provides great fill light for those night time gatherings. Secondly, it shoots 600 speed film which opens up my options to use IP's Px680 film.
     And for the non photographers: The original Polaroid Sx70 takes 100 speed film and the 680slr takes 600 speed film.  600 speed film is a lot "faster" which enables pictures to be taken in lower lit situations while still obtaining the same exposure.
     My first test shot was of Mr. Khan Shadid. SLR680 + Px680 @ 1/8th to Dark. The photo was super sharp in evening light. Bravo Impossible! I will post a full review here in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.