A Polaroid Wedding: A Selection of Portraits

A Selection of Portraits
Land Camera 103 + Fuji Fp-100c Film
San Fransisco, Ca June 28th, 2014

35mm: Roll Call /w Minolta Xg1 + Portra 160

For the first time in years I shot 35mm. It was incredibly fun and I was impressed with the quality. All the below photos were taken with a Minolta Xg1 /w a 45mm f/2 and Portra 160 film.

Polaroids: Mathr + Natalia

SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project

Polaroids: Visiting Raizana Teas in Downtown Fresno

Last week I visited Raizana Teas in Downtown Fresno. They let me try out and some amazing blends and just kick back with some friend's while I watched them bag some of their product. I HIGHLY recommend heading down to 2011 Tuolumme St. Fresno, California 93721 to check them out and get your tea on.

SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project

Polaroidsbook 447.jpg
Polaroidsbook 445.jpg
Polaroidsbook 446.jpg

Polaroid: Bueno Power!

SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project

There are a lot of things to say about this man, Mr. Arthur Bueno. He is an inspiration, fellow photographer, and at the very least a great friend. I had the privilege of catching coffee (and snapping polaroids) with him while he was in town from the East Coast. We spoke about our current and future projects and how much money we will waste on awesome new (old) camera's in 2014. Do yourself a favor and go check out his blog/zine: here. 

Polaroids: Lake Tahoe /w New "600 Speed" Film by IP

I had the chance to order some of The Impossible Project's new film for my trip to Lake Tahoe last week. The first thing I noticed when I received them was the beautiful new branding, the film packs simply look great! And if that wasn't enough, the new formula is incredibly predictable. If you have been too scared to dive into instant film, this film is your chance!

All images were taken 10/19/13 in the Tahoe National Forest.
SLR680 + "600 Speed" film by The Impossible Project

Studio Itz Art Hop 9/5/13 /w BedeDonia

     For the first time in a long time I headed out to Art Hop. I decided to go check out Studio Itz and see BedeDoni play. I was honestly surprised and had a great time listening to her sing some of her songs. I HIGHLY suggest checking out her page: here. She was kind enough to give me some time before her set for a couple shots. Check them out:

5dmkii + 35mmL f/1.4

Polaroid Time Zero Test Shots /w SLR680

The last two months I have gone a expired film adventure with very limited successful results. I bought numerous packs of expired Time Zero craving the gold and blue tones they produce but was unable to get any shots that processed correctly. The only two shots that have come out over 7 packs of film are these two. This pack of Time Zero expired 10/09. I doubt I will be making a switch to any other ebay films soon; to much of a gamble to be consistent.